We have tips for test driving a new or used automobile

What to pay attention to when test driving a car

You have spent hours and hours on your computer reading expert reviews, customer stories, and other such research pertaining to which automobile should be the next one to grace your garage with its presence. Now it is time to actually head down to the dealership with a few of your ideas. Soon, you will actually be getting behind the wheel of one of these cars you have been looking at and seeing what it is all about. The test drive is your chance to really get a feel for a vehicle, and it is important not to take this experience lightly. Read on for our suggestions of what to pay attention to when test driving a car.

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Things to remember when going for a test drive

  • woman in knit hat smiling while driving carInspect the car carefully before you even get inside. Is it the size you are looking for? Will it fit everyone it needs to fit? Make sure it doesn’t just look cool, but can also be your functional ride as well.
  • Look for leaks, dents, or other signs of disrepair or concerns. You do not want to drive home and immediately have issues that could have been resolved earlier.
  • When you sit inside, really take the time to feel around and experience. Are all the necessary buttons and levers within reasonable reach? Is there enough room to fit without being cramped? This will be your vehicle for (presumably) years to come, and you will be spending a lot of time in it.
  • When you are driving it, be sure to use it just as you would if you owned it. Drive the kinds of roads you normally drive it. See how it performs on the highway, in the busy city, and so on.
  • Listen for any odd sounds, and if you are test driving with a salesperson, be sure to ask as many questions as you can.
  • Check the brake pedal and accelerator to make sure they are responsive and not too soft.

Remembering to take full advantage of your test drive can help make sure you wind up with something you truly can enjoy. Stay in touch with the Honda of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks!