What Safety Technology is Available for the 2020 Honda Accord?

2020 Honda Accord Honda Sensing® Safety Technologies

Driving is something we do every day. It gets us to work, school, or to the store. Although it is one of the most common things we do, it can also be one of the most dangerous. Getting behind the wheel can sometimes become stressful when you’re driving in extreme weather, on new roads, or with crazy drivers. To help reduce stress levels on the road, the 2020 Honda Accord is equipped with several safety technology features. In this post, we will be exploring the Honda Sensing® safety technologies of the 2020 Honda Accord. Keep reading to learn more about these features.

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Feel more confident and safer on the road

2020 Honda Accord interior rearview camera display on touchscreen
  1. Collision Mitigation Braking System™. When a potential frontal collision is detected, this system will alert you to take action. If the collision is unavoidable, it will automatically apply the brakes.
  2. Road Departure Mitigation System. This system will detect lane markings in the road and will warn you if you start to cross over a line. It can adjust your steering and braking, if necessary, to bring you back into your lane. It will be deactivated if you turn on the turn signal.
  3. Lane Keeping Assist System. Long drives can make you feel tired and start to drift in your lane. This feature will help you stay center in your lane to avoid accidentally leaving it.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control. After you set a distance from the vehicle ahead of you, this system will adjust your speed to maintain that distance. It can also slow or fully stop your vehicle if needed.
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition. This feature will read traffic signs and display the information onto the Drier Information Interface or the Head-Up Display.

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2020 Honda Accord Available in Victoria, TX

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