The 2017 Honda Ridgeline makes it easier to load and unload cargo

What does Dual-Action Tailgate mean?

If you have driven a pickup truck and ever used the truck bed to haul some loads, you know the struggle the tailgate can sometimes put you through. You may find yourself having to climb the tailgate to reach the middle of the bed, or perhaps climb on top of the rear wheel to set something down inside. Isn’t there a better way? Honda believes so, and that’s why the innovators there have designed the 2017 Honda Ridgeline to have a Dual-Action Tailgate. What does Dual-Action Tailgate mean? Read on for more information and a video demonstration.

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How does the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Dual-Action Tailgate work?

You know how tailgates operate. A tailgate is a slim door that drops downward to give you access to the truck bed so you can load your furniture or whatever else inside. While that may be enough in some instances, there may be times when you just need to grab something from the middle of the truck bed and do not feel like climbing on top of the tailgate itself just so you can reach it. Enter the Honda Ridgeline and its Dual-Action Tailgate. As the name suggests, this opens up two different ways. First, you have your standard opening, where the tailgate swings down and gives you access to the bed. It also happens to swing open like a standard door, giving you easier access to the bed. This can come in handy if you are simply trying to get something that sits in the middle of the bed, as the video below demonstrates. We’ve also included a video demonstration of the handy In-Bed Trunk, which is a feature that perhaps you never knew you needed. Take a look!

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[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”clear”][/bscolumns]These features are designed to make life easier for you. After all, pickup trucks are meant to make light work out of heavy loads, so why not make that work as light as possible? We are pleased to offer the 2017 Honda Ridgeline here at Honda of Victoria. Contact us if you would like to see it in person!