What design changes are coming to the 2022 Honda Civic?

New 2022 Honda Civic Exterior Design

The 2022 Honda Civic has been officially revealed, and many are clamoring to jot down every new change that’s been made. As always, the masterminds over at Honda have made a slew of delightful alterations to bring the latest incarnation of the Civic to the forefront of the latest automotive innovations.

As of this writing, however, not too much has actually been unveiled aside from the exterior design. What design changes is Honda making to the 2022 Civic?

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The 2022 incarnation of the Honda Civic now looks more in line with the latest Honda Accord. The influence of the larger model can be detected in the new machine’s smooth body panels, long shoulder lines that run the length of the vehicle, and a window line that bumps up at the C-pillar.

Still, this isn’t a mere Accord mini-me; proportions do differ. The nose of the 2022 Civic is longer and lower relative to the rest of the body, and the trunk lid is short. The back of the vehicle has a look that almost, dare we say it, suggests rear-wheel drive. The trunk also enjoys a distinct lip spoiler. Up in front, a small grille with a body color accent calls to mind the new Honda Fit.

The teaser released by Honda does also give ravenous fans a small taste of the model’s interior. A few details have also be provided on feature sets and availability. While the interior hasn’t been revealed in full, what we have seen shows it as quite a departure from the current model. The new look is more, shall we say, minimalist; it’s low and horizontal in theme.

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Will the final 2022 Honda Civic look the same as the model shown in this teaser?

Honda does include a disclaimer that the Civic design revealed is technically a “protype,” meaning that the final model may look different. Industry analysts, however, have conjectured that it’s safe to assume the final vehicle will look just this. We’ll leave it up to your discretion.