Take swift action if you encounter a twister on your commute

What actions should be taken if you see a tornado while driving?

Summer is a favorite season for many people due to being able to go off and explore some unique roadside attractions, enjoy a good old-fashioned summer barbecue, indulge in ice cream sundaes, and so much more. Summer can also be a volatile time of year with severe weather, the worst of which are tornadoes. These rotating columns of wind are responsible for death and destruction across the country during warmer weather, and it is important to take shelter when one approaches. That’s simple enough when you are at home, but what about when you see one on your drive home from work? What actions should be taken if you see a tornado while driving? Read on for some tips to keep you safe.

What should you pack in a roadside emergency kit?

Tornado destroying house near highwayTips for when you spot a twister while behind the wheel

  • If the tornado is far enough away yet, drive in a direction that is perpendicular to the path the tornado is taking.
  • If you are not able to drive away from the tornado and you are able to exit your vehicle, do so and take shelter in a low-lying area. If no structures are around, try finding a ditch to go to, and cover your head. Do not take shelter underneath an overpass, as the winds can actually speed up under those structures, turning it into a makeshift wind tunnel.
  • If the danger is so immediate that exiting your vehicle would put your life in danger, remain in your vehicle, keep your belt buckled, and crouch down as low as you can while covering your head.
  • Do not try to outrun a tornado. It is just too dangerous to attempt, and it is a race you will not win.

Before you leave for the day, it is a good idea to also keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can remain aware of what is expected throughout the day. Following these tips can help keep you out of harm’s way if the weather takes such a nasty turn while you are out and about. Stay in touch with the Honda of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks!