Autumn presents its own unique driving hazards

How to drive safely in the fall

Did you feel that? It was the breeze left by summer as it flew on by! Can you believe another summer has come and gone already? Yes, autumn is now approaching, as the air is getting a bit more on the crisp side and people everywhere are enjoying Sunday afternoons firmly parked in front of the television watching gridiron action. While it may not be as crazy as winter as far as driving goes, this transitional season still presents a number of unique challenges on the road. Read ahead for a few tips on how to drive safely in the fall.

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Tips for staying safe on the road while the leaves are falling

  • fallen autumn leaves on the side of the roadWatch out for back-to-school traffic. You may have gotten used to the morning commute being without school buses and students driving to class, so remember that the roads will be busier than they have been recently. 
  • Be careful of fog in the morning and evening. Because it is a transitional season, you’ll get those instances where the temperature drops overnight, only to start climbing when the sun rises, which can help lead to the development of fog. 
  • Likewise, be mindful of any frost that may have developed overnight. It could make for slick surfaces. 
  • Watch for deer! This is mating and migration season, so deer activity will increase. They can appear out of nowhere, so always be careful. 
  • Check your tire pressure. The temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on your tire pressure, and it may seem fine one day, then underinflated the next. 
  • Be careful on the leaves. Roads covered in leaves can be slick, and leaves can also hide traffic patterns, leaving you confused about where to go.  
  • Remember that it gets darker earlier now, so if you have problems driving at night, be mindful of the earlier sunset and plan accordingly. 

These tips should assist you as the seasons change. Just remember to keep your distance and stay alert, and you should be all set to enjoy the new season! Stay in touch with the Honda of Victoria blog for more of these tips and tricks!