How can I ensure my car seats are safe?

Optimal Car Seat Safety

It’s important to ensure that one is correctly using car seats in order to ensure optimal levels of safety for the little passengers. According to global nonprofit “Safe Kids Worldwide,” vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for American children. On the bright side, correctly used child car seats can reduce the risk of death in a car accident by 71%. Back on the not-so-bright side, however, 60% of car seats are unfortunately not installed/used correctly.

Luckily, September was child passenger safety month, which means there are an array of fresh resources on the web to help parents practice top-tier car seat safety during our current 2020 era and all that this strange year entails.

What are the best ways for parents to ensure that their children’s car seats are as safe as they can be?

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A few great ways to ensure one is using car seats correctly is to conduct research before buying, take advantage of a variety of virtual classes, view online videos, and simply read the car seat’s instructions.

Read Instructions

Though this may seem basic, it’s a step that’s too often overlooked. It’s recommended that those installing a car seat read the instructions that came with it. This will help to increase the odds that the car seat is installed and used in such a way as will be most effective for the child’s safety.

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Research Before Buying

Before making a purchase on your child’s car seat, conduct some research. It’s recommended that buyers look for a seat that’s both well-engineered and easy to install. A great resource for this is Baby Gear Lab’s testing and ratings.

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Virtual Classes

A variety of classes are available online that will help individuals learn the best ways to utilize car seats. The classes tend to focus on remedying common and easy-to-fix mistakes. Most are free-of-charge.

We recommend individuals check the website of their local Safe Kids Coalition to see if they are offering a virtual class. If a class isn’t available to participate in live, there may be a recording that can be watched at one’s leisure.

Online Videos

Online videos are one of the easiest ways to see for yourself how to best utilize your car seat. Other options include the Ultimate Car Seat Guide (an interactive tool available online in English and Spanish, online classes, and Facebook Live events from the Safe Kids Coalition mentioned above.