Does your car need to be washed more frequently in the fall?

Fall has arrived, and while the colorful leaves on the trees look amazing while they are still up there, when they fall to the ground, it can be a mess. Part of that mess can decorate your vehicle, whether it is at your home or in various parking lots. There can be more dirt and debris in the road as well, so that raises the question: Does your car need to be washed more frequently in the fall? Read ahead for our thoughts.

Check out these pumpkin patches from around the area! 

Cleaning recommendations

A clean car is a happy car, or at the very least, a more valuable one than one that is left to the dirt. Generally speaking, giving your vehicle a good wash once a month will do the trick. That said, if you live in an area where there is a lot of debris, a lot of leaves covering up your car (which can leave residue or dirt on your car’s exterior and get inside as well), or where there a lot of emissions from factories or other industrial buildings, it is a good idea to clean your car once every two weeks, or maybe even once a week. 

Keeping your vehicle clean can help prevent materials from chipping or eating away at it over time, which would naturally decrease its value. Furthermore, to add to its luster, it is a good idea to coat your vehicle in wax. This not only gives it a generous shine and a glowing look, it also helps protect it. Stay in touch with the Honda of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks!