2021 Honda Insight Transforms the Daily Drive

Hybrid vehicles are wildly popular and for good reason. They feature an impressive fuel economy that adds to the long term value of the car for commuters. Take the 2021 Honda Insight for example. This hybrid sedan offers more than an impressive design and features. It’s the most affordable hybrid sedan on the market and demands a second look from drivers. After reading about the price, specs and features of the 2021 Honda Insight, we know you will agree. 

2021 Honda Insight 

Even though this is a hybrid sedan it is very similar to other classic sedans. It is most similar to the Honda Civic which is the brand’s smaller gasoline powered sedan. The Honda Civic is a popular choice which explains why the Insight shares so many qualities and features, however, the price point and fuel economy makes the Insight a wiser choice for your budget. 

Drivers are excited about this hybrid sedan for many reasons. Your daily drive with the Honda Insight will be quiet, fuel efficient, and stylish. 

2021 Honda Insight Price

The price point of a vehicle can make or break the decision of the driver. Often the price tag can have drivers looking elsewhere, but that isn’t the case with the 2021 Honda Insight. Because it is the best affordable hybrid sedan, the price tag has drivers looking in its direction. 

There are three trim levels available for the 2021 Honda Insight and all of them have a different price point. All of these prices are affordable for the features offered on each individual trim package. 

  • Honda Insight LX – $23,885
  • Honda Insight EX-$25,765
  • Honda Insight Touring-$29,795

As with any vehicle, the prices will go up depending on the packages and upgrades that drivers choose to add to each trim. However, when it comes to the Honda Insight, you will still see those affordable prices even when you add the upgrades. 

2021 Honda Insight Specs

The 2021 Honda Insight is a four-door hybrid sedan that can seat five adults comfortably. All trim levels come standard with front wheel drive. The engine has a combined output of 151 HP with both the gasoline engine and the battery pack. 

The fuel economy is the star of the show with the Insight. With a combined MPG of 48 and a highway range of 480 miles, drivers will be able to stop for gas far less than with a traditional gasoline sedan. 

2021 Honda Insight Features

The 2021 Honda Insight does have two new features for this year. They have traded out the LaneWatch rear facing camera for a more conventional, but more functional blind spot monitoring system. This system is on both sides of the car rather than only on the passenger side. They have also added a new color to the line up, Radiant Red Metallic. 

The safety features are award winning and includes a comprehensive safety package on all models called Honda Sensing. It also has an infotainment system with technology features added for comfort and convenience. 

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