Popular 2020 Honda Odyssey Is Still the Best Minivan

The “minivan vs. SUV for families” debate has gone on for years but one thing no one can argue with is that the Honda Odyssey is the best minivan on the market. With the 25th birthday of the beloved Honda Odyssey upon us, there is no better time to reminisce about what we love as well as look forward to the future of the quintessential mom-mobile. 

2020 Honda Odyssey is Best For Families

The Honda Odyssey is a van that seems to have been designed by families, for families. With features like the ability to turn disable the cabin lights so little hands can’t play with them to built-in vacuums to take care of those stray goldfish when they happen, the Odyssey is loaded with family-friendly features. But families don’t have to sacrifice luxury and comfort with this minivan. You will be riding in style as you pick up the kids from school when you are behind the wheel of the 2020 Honda Odyssey.

2020 Honda Odyssey Features

With automatic doors as a standard feature on most models as well as fold-down TVs with headphone jacks, a short drive to the store or a road trip to grandma’s house will feel like a vacation. There are even some models that have an intercom system so you don’t have to yell to talk to the kids or other passengers in the back. Many models have the option for leather seats, which seems like a bad idea with kids, but they are easy to clean. 

Even though this is a minivan with legroom to spare and a larger body style, it drives like a dream and can hug the curves with the best of them. It is also loaded with tech that allows smartphones to connect. There is a navigation system on some models that is built into the infotainment system. Some of the other convenience features that drives can expect from the 2020 Honda Odyssey is an automatic liftgate. While that may seem commonplace, one of the more exciting aspects is that drivers can adjust the height of the liftgate. This is great if you are taller so you don’t bump your head. 

2020 Honda Odyssey Price

The price point is not bad considering all of the features that drivers get when they drive a Honda Odyssey off of the lot. Starting at $31,910 and going up to $48,540, there is a wide range to fit different budgets. The most popular trim level is the EX-L. It sits exactly in the middle at $39,110 and comes with fantastic features. These include leather seats that are heated, backseat USB ports, an automatic liftgate, and all of the features from the lower three models. 

The Honda Odyssey is a great minivan for families everywhere and for good reason. This mom-mobile has everything needed to make traveling with a family effortless whether it is a grocery trip or a road trip. If you are ready to take the leap and drive away in a 2020 Honda Odyssey, call Honda of Victoria today to set up your test drive.